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The purpose of this blog is to enhance that devotion even more. With so many amazing things happening in the world, it's our duty to help spread their message. By doing so, we hope to inspire others to continue living a story worthy life. Because at the end of the day, it's the actions, relationships, and legacy we leave behind that truly matters.         


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It has been a total of 95 days since the first confirmed case of this invisible monster was reported in Wuhan. Since then it has constantly been in the news, on our social media channels, and discussed amongst family, friends, and colleagues. There is absolutely no escaping it.

Fortunately, the vast majority of people who contract the bug will not experience anything life-threatening and many more will remain perfectly healthy. That being said, it is my personal opinion that the measures our local and national governments are taking to subdue the spread are well warranted and necessary. Shutting down places of social gathering and limiting travel will help to mitigate the spread and reduce strain on our medical facilities/staff.

Even though the masses of the human population will not perish from this microscopic threat, the virus does have another target - consumerism.

Marketing and advertising traditionally have always been about pushing the latest and greatest products on individuals. Using sneaky subliminal messages and psychology to get a person to buy was the way to promote your brand.

This cycle leads individuals to make more and more purchases of products or services that ultimately don’t bring value to our lives. Our homes may be filled with a multiplicity of possessions but our souls are left empty.

With the drastic and abrupt change in our daily lives, we no longer can go out and be frivolous with our spending. We are forced to self reflect, spend time with our families, and help those in need in our communities. In essence, we have unwillingly been directed to focus on the people and resources that truly matter to us.

I heard someone mention the other day about how they now have time to play card games with their kids at the end of the workday. That statement alone almost brought a tear to my eye. Families are sharing stories around the dinner table again. People are calling loved ones whom they haven’t talked to in a while. All of this human connection is because of this stinky bad disease.

Instead of seeing ads on social media, I now see PSAs of how companies are doing their part to help all of humanity. Brand influencers and celebrities are opening up their homes to live streamings of concerts, interviews, and other creative endeavors. I see families posting videos of cooking and laughing together at home. It is truly heartwarming to see all of the numerous positive actions happening around the globe during this time of “crisis”.

As this is becoming more and more our collective reality, we have to stop and ask ourselves, “what changes will persist through this remarkable time in human history?” One of the many possible outcomes I believe will forever be altered is the traditional consumerist approach to advertising.

The American consumer was already on a path towards change prior to the outbreak. Downsizing and minimalism are not new concepts to the American psyche. The current state of the world, however, has only helped to speed up that paradigm shift.

Sure, we can still buy a lot of useless items online nowadays, but will we? Just about every business sells through Amazon or on its own e-commerce site. But instead of being subject to the whims of our own desires, we now have a clearer vision of the things which bring real value to us and our communities.

Myself, Shaffer and the Lucid brand have always been a fan of the minimalistic approach. Our mission to tell purposeful and impactful stories is at the core of all we do.

Although Shaffer and I love watching commercials (don’t ask why…), we didn’t get into this business to make thirty-second advertisements geared towards frivolous spending. Lucid Cause was started to reach people on a more emotional level. And there is no better time to do that than now.

People want more meaning in their life. They are looking for products and services that add true value to their everyday routines. Most importantly they want stories to share with friends and family. If you or your brand want to prosper in this “new normal” then creating content with emotional quality, rather than superficial quantity, will be the path to success.

Welcome to the death of consumerism driven advertising and the birth of storytelling.

Hello World,

It is a strange time for you right now. The ‘normal’ day to day routines of individuals have been flipped upside down almost overnight. Schools are shut down, restaurants are closed, and millions of people are either working from home or temporarily unemployed. To make matters worse the stock market is crashing with no speedy recovery in sight. All caused by an invisible killer - COVID-19.

It is an unprecedented moment in human history.

But just like every other tumultuous time recorded, we will come out of it stronger and more tenacious than before.

ONLY if we don’t let it drag us down!

To our fellow friends and family - Lucid need’s your help!

With the vast majority of Americans quarantined at home, news/media consumption has skyrocketed. Most of it, unfortunately, is negative. Focusing on the current global turmoil only brings us down.

We need some optimism folks!!

Don’t get me wrong, it is important to stay updated with current affairs, and unfortunately, our present state gives reason for worry. But things will get better. Especially if we remain positive in the face of adversity.

So, myself, Shaffer and a newfound friend from the windy city (Payson) hatched an idea. What if we help inject some positive content into the social channels we all rely on to stay connected right now?

Our goal is to record remote video interviews with leaders, creatives and friends. The intention is to have candid conversations and talk about positive stories from their past, present, and/or future experiences and visions. In order to do this though, we need your help.

We have two asks:

1. If you or someone you know would be interested in being interviewed, we would love to set that up.

2. If you have any specific topics you’d like to hear us talk about please let us know

Feel free to email, call/text, or comment on this post with your thoughts.

lostboys@thelucidcause.com or 720-421-4188.

The world needs optimism right now. Help us be a part of sharing that sentiment.

Lucid Loves You!

It has been almost exactly a year now since Shaffer and I decided Lucid Cause was going to be our focus. The business and our personal lives have seen many ups and downs over the last 365 days. Looking back, we wouldn't trade the fluctuations in highs and lows for anything.

We have grown, failed, and triumphed, all while having a blast.

As both Shaffer and I look back on the previous year, we are astonished by the things we have learned along the journey.

Below is a list of five things the last year has taught us. If you are a business owner, aspiring creative, or just a fan of the lucid brand, we hope these items prove to be helpful.

1. Your Mindset is Everything

The mind is a tricky part of the human experience. It is continually trying to make sense of the ever-changing world in which we live. In doing so, it sometimes displays an inaccurate perception of reality. Because of this, it is essential to know yourself well. Learn to recognize when the negative part of your mind is taking over and distorting the truth.

Henry Ford once said, "Whether you think you can or you can't - you're right."

Lucid Cause has had times where we weren't sure how we would make certain aspects of the business work. We knew, however, that there was a solution waiting to be discovered. It took the right mindset and attitude to help open our eyes and see all the possible outcomes waiting to be utilized.

Focus on what you know to be true. Don't let the mind run amok and deceive you.

2. Overcoming Setbacks is Part of the Fun

Let me clarify - setbacks are not fun. They test your strength and mindset. Overcoming those setbacks, however, is where one's character is built.

Living a comfortable, carefree life sounds nice on the surface. No responsibilities and no struggles - what could be better?

Unfortunately, such a lifestyle leaves us feeling empty and without value. You are merely existing without any real driving force.

The feeling of overcoming a negative experience is invigorating.

I am not saying you should actively seek out setbacks. They will happen on their own, trust me. But when they do, don't act with emotion. Instead, recognize them and use them as a way to build your personal strength.

3. Allow Room for Leisure

The "world" will tell you success comes to those who work hard at whatever cost. While working hard is absolutely an essential ingredient for success, you should still balance it with plenty of time to relax and look within.

If you want to really make an impact in any industry, then you have to be willing to let go of the so-called "grind."

This is especially true for creators - of any kind. If you want to produce your best work, then allowing time to let go and have fun will open all sorts of creative avenues not recognized before.

Shaffer and I are notorious for taking spontaneous trips or disappearing out into the mountains to refocus and reset.

4. Have a Plan But Be Willing to Adapt

There is a saying attributed to Benjamin Franklin which says, "If you fail to plan, then you plan to fail."

My personality is one that likes to plan and stick to a path. Shaffer, on the other hand, is a proponent of letting the "current" direct us while making the best of it along the way.

Both ideals have their values. What we have been able to do is combine our two perspectives into one - balancing each other out.

In business and life, it is crucial to have a vision of where you want to be and a path to get you there. Unfortunately, even if you have a clear goal and objectives in place, varying circumstances will inevitably force you to change direction.

When such instances happen, if you are so attached to your plan, then you don't allow for any flexibility to get yourself back on track. It is good to have a plan set in place, but know you will most likely have to change course at a certain point.

5. Provide Value for Others

Last but not least, always always always provide value for others.

Business can and should be a force for good. It is a way to provide products and services to others that ultimately supply a useful function or bring joy to their lives. Selfish gains and the false promise of a lavish lifestyle should not be the reason to start a business. That is when you get into trouble.

If you are always on the lookout for ways to improve someone else's life, then good things will happen in return.

Shaffer and I would not be doing what we are doing if it weren't for our friends, family, and supporters like you. Our goal is to provide significant value to the clients we work with and the people who enjoy following the journey.

Lucid Loves You!

Also, shoutout to a couple of our close friends, Payson and Eric for taking the photos featured in this blog.

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