Our cause is to design clear, effective connections between

businesses and customers through words, photos,

videos, planning, and consulting.


We captivate _____.

the lost boys

shaffer nickel

Soul Gun Slinger, Co-founder, storyteller & motion picture specialist. He has never lost a talent show and flosses his teeth every day. Ryan likes to remind Shaffer that his jokes / puns are the worst... 

ryan taylor

Bubble Blaster, Co-founder, storyteller & still image specialist. He has had a beard since he was 16 and can rap every Eminem song. Shaffer likes to remind Ryan how much of a nerd he is for being such a book worm...

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illustrations by bailey nickel

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The Lucid Cause is a global digital content and storytelling company. Through words, photos, videos, and design we promote time-forged artistry that deeply captivates and connects companies to customers. In essence, our story is telling your story. Send us an email or give us a call to see how we can help your company standout creatively in the digital age. 

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