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About Lost Cause Society

Our cause is to design clear, effective connections between

businesses and customers through the artists we represent. 

we represent

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Shaffer Nickel

Soul Gun Slinger, writer, and cinematographer. He has never lost a talent show and flosses his teeth every day.  

Ryan Taylor

Bubble Blaster, producer, & photographer. He has had a beard since he was 16 and can rap every Eminem song. 

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Illustrations by Bailey Nickel


Working with LC is always a blast. They have mastered the ability to be professional and efficient while simultaneously allowing room for experimentation and brainstorming. LC has a vast creative quiver that allows them to adapt to any situation and always come out with fresh ideas. LC is prepared to do whatever is necessary to work with as much or as little as possible. No matter the situation, Shaffer and Ryan are reliable and capable of tackling any project. Their tenacious spirit would never leave you stranded. If you have any doubts, a quick chat with their empowering communicative skills and sharp attention to detail will get you pumped on something fresh -- every time.


"Ryan & Shaffer at the LUCID CAUSE were awesome to work with! Their energy, enthusiasm and creativity is truly inspiring. The images and video that they captured will be integral to our branding and marketing for years to come. And the turn-around time was remarkable; it was hard to believe they delivered such a professional package in such a short amount of time. Thank you so much!" 


"The LUCID CAUSE came up for Opening Day 2018. They teamed up and provided content for the ski area. Their creativity was shown in their final product. They provided high quality photos and video that painted a perfect story for Opening Day.  Our skiers & riders loved the content we shared on our social media channels. I hope to work with this professional team for years to come. These guys will crush any project given to them. Thanks for the heart you put into your project and the professionalism you showed at the mountain."


"LUCID CAUSE is seriously amazing. They've filmed and edited several super rad trip and ministry videos that I’ve used to share what I’ve been doing to inspire and promote skatebording and ministry. One they did that I loved so much was a trip we all took to some of Colorado's sickest skateparks. One detail I loved about "Journey for Jah" was in the intro when they utilized a small clip of me riding my bike and singing a song and incorporated it into the final product. This replicated the super rad, old school feel of that trip and captured the essence of the ministry I was doing. It really captured the heart of my mission and made it feel all inclusive to all who came. I love their work so much and can’t wait for the next thing we get put together. I highly recommend LC for any and every video / photo project that you are wanting to put together to share your passion.  They have their own flavor and style that is unique and cutting edge to what the new generation would love to watch and share. It is so enjoyable to watch weather you skate or don't, or if you're young or old. Plus they are the sweetest people. They are so enjoyable to be around. They understand projects and timelines and somehow always makes it happen. Love the LUCID CAUSE!" 


"LUCID CAUSE is one of the best and most professional film/editing companies I have ever worked with. Communication through out the entire process made it very easy to work on a project even when I was half way around the world. LC made my 2017-18 season edit and it turned out better than I could’ve ever imagined! The creativity brought a very unique feeling in my edit that cannot be found in any other ski edit out there right now. One thing I strive for when having a video is making sure it is different than everything you see everyday and LC did exactly that! I am looking forward to working with LC in the future and cant wait to see what other insanely unique and professional videos come from LC. I already have many video ideas in mind and all were waiting on is for the snow to start falling!”


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